Future Projects

Over the next couple of years the Board of Trustees, executive committee of the temple and several community leaders and volunteers will work hard to complete Indianization of the temple building. We plan to do Pranaprathistha of Lord Rama and Parivar, Lord Murugan idols. We also hope to build a bigger community hall, auditorium, meditation hall, spiritual school with a library and youth oriented facilities.

We request the entire community to participate and enthusiastically support the project through generous contributions and/or volunteer services to make this project a pride our community.

Vision and Rendering

  • To provide a place of worship and be the spiritual resource center for the community of Greater Fort Worth and surrounding areas.
  • To provide young members of the community with facilities for cultural activities, religious education and learning.
  • To learn, preserve and promote Hindu values. To provide individuals from any background the path to peace and bliss through DEVOTION,SERVICE AND VEDANTIC TEACHINGS..
  • To provide facilities for Yoga, Meditation, Cultural & Educational Activities and rituals..
  • To develop activities to encourage and foster interfaith understanding and cooperation.