Our Priests

Sri Murali Krishna Priest , Hindu Temple of Greater Fort Worth

Sri Muralikrishna Swamy born in India, being born in a traditional Brahmina “Sri Vaishnava” family, he grew up in a religious and traditional environment.

He obtained his Vedic education and completed PANCHARATRA AGAMA BRAHMOTSAVAM and SMARTHAM at Sri HARI HARA VEDA SMARTHA AGAMA PATHASHALA , Gopalaya pally, Telangana, India. And also learned Divya Prabandham from his own grandfather.

His skills includes: Astrology Horoscope Reading, Palmistry, Pravachanam and all. Hindu Rituals of Marriage, Sudarshana Homam, Panchadasha Samskara etc.

He is well Experience in Versatile knowledge of Hinduism, Sanskrit. Marriages, Astrological, Palmistry and Vastu Consultation.

He has performed large number of Daiva Yagneekam as well as Loukika Yagnikam in throughout India.

He’s expertise in teaching Ved Mantra’s to Children & Carving the Spiritual Knowledge within them.

He performs Poojas and Homams (yagnas) to various residing deities, Srinivasa Kalyanam, including daily prayer services at the temple. He likes to do Alankaram to all deities on special events like Vaikunta Ekadashi Sri rama Navami Durga Navaratri etc.,

He was a Pradhana Archaka in Swayam Bhoo Kshetram Varijala Venugopala Swamy Temple, Narketpally for 3years aslo worked as Archaka Swamy at Sri Sitharamanjaneya Swamy Devalayam, Nerada Village.

He has 5years work experience in India as well as 8 years experience in USA He is being here in this Hindu Temple of Greater Fort Worth for last 5 years as a Main Priest( Pradhana Poojari)